SkyGrid APK updated version 1.0.5

SkyGrid 1.0.5 APK File


 SkyGrid is a basically one of the most popular app now a days. User can downlaod APK file for SkyGrid from here easily  we have an updated version 1.0.5. Basically I wanted something that was built specifically for SkyGrid. A block config file that you can tweak to your liking and Support for blocks added by mods and als Multithreaded processing to use it you need to set the boundaries to your liking and then just hit generate. You can also switch the target folder if you need it somewhere else.
The description of skyGrid About skyGrid let's you locate your listed users in real-time on your skyList via the smart app platform only. You will also have access to data like, their daily routes, instant destination and a total mileage for that day and previous days on a history log. Users will be able to share location with other users that are on the same skyList upon accepted request.Set up for skyGridFirst install the skyGrid app on Google play. When using the application for the first time your must register for a new account, then verify the registration. Existing user you can logon to your account using their logon details. You will be required to enable the your device's location tracking prior to using the mobile application.How to add users on the mobile application, navigate to the "Main menu", select "skyList" then navigate and select "Add Gridviewer". On the search bar type in the email or mobile number of the user to be added. Once the searched user is located, send a request.The user will only appear on your skyList once they have accepted the invite . A message will be sent to the invited user prompting them of the request to add them on your sky List. Once accepting your sky List entry request you will now be able to locate your secondary user's location from your device. To use skyGrid the nominated user must also download the application and register. Both users will then be able to share their location. Users can navigate to sky View requests to view any pending invites sent or received by or from other users.Users can also view their own log or other users that are on their sky List to see travel details of the users on specific dates.Off Grid Mode and Location sharing Users have an option to log off or stop sharing their location. To disable location sharing users have to disable their location sharing by navigating to the Main menu - Location sharing, then disable "My location sharing". To logoff users can navigate to the Main menu then select "Off-Grid". While in this mode other users will not be able to locate the users offline. No data will be collected for the log while users are in this mode. In sky grid User can enjoy every feature in this app. If you are interested to download this app just need to click the link which given below and easily download APK file for SkyGrid adn install it in your smart phone.

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