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whats app updated version . whats app is the most common chatting app all over the world . whats app is one of the famous app . over one billion peoples using whats app all over the world . It's very particular . Great audio in the calls. Simply the most consistent from of communicate on the internet.  No one have problem with the screen-recording through. you can easily share  images and videos with friends and family through whats app easily and in full security. 
 if some one distribute you on whats app you have best option for blog. whats  app is very easy to use . whats app is t op level chatting app . Mostly people like whats app for chatting . There are so many options for update friends and family . On whats app we can share story for 24 hours . There are so many options on whats app for chatting like we have an option of groups in which we can update our social life with friends and family . 
Whats app messenger is a free messaging app available for android and other smart phones like  I phone and other IOS phones .  You can easily send and receive photos ,videos and doc and text messages .

Whats App was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum , both former employees of Yahoo. After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! in September 2007, the duo traveled to South America to take a rest from work. At one point, they applied for jobs at Facebook but he were rejected.WhatsApp Status   
The new status update feature of WhatsApp enables you to share photos, videos, and GIF's in your status and these statuses will appear in Status tab, and your statuses will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Users are also enabled to mute these updates by pressing for long time on contact name. You can also set privacy inside status.
2.  Camera 
If you want to access camera just swipe right from the chat tab

3. Two Step Verification  
Users have to go through two step verification  while registering your contact number with WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp Web     
This is a feature  added by Facebook  which lets you to connect your device to PC and Laptop . You have to just verify your account by using QR Code
Steps to connect WhatsApp web:
1. Open WhatsApp
2. Go to Options
3. Open WhatsApp Web.
4. Open whatsapp.com website on your PC.
5 With the help of your device scan the given QR Code.

5. Free Messages    
As WhatsApp is free for all users worldwide, so you do not have to pay for every single message only you have to download it from any good website or app store and verify you existing cell number and WhatsApp is free from any subscription charges.

6. Multimedia Files: 
You can send and receive videos, images, audio messages and documents.

7. WhatsApp Video Call/ Normal Call  
The video call and normal call feature of WhatsApp in this version is too fast depending on good internet speed which depicts the feature use of internet connection instead of cellular plans and the video calling feature is far better then Skype and other video calling applications added in year 2017.

8. WhatsApp Group Chats    
WhatsApp enables you to made groups of your friends, family members or classmates. WhatsApp Video calling is latest feature added in 2016.

Application:                                                             WhatsApp Messenger
File Name:                                                               whatsapp-218210.apk
Total Size:                                                                 38.87 MB
Version Name:                                                          218210
Required Android Version Minimum               Android 4.0.3 "MRI API 15, Ice Cream, "sandwich"



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