Graphic Optimizer for PUBG update version

Graphic Optimizer for PUBG (GFX tool)

          PUBG is the world number one game which is playing over 400 billion people aroud the world.
PUBG stands for player unknown’s Battleground. It is the most trending game all over the world with more than 400 million players and the number increasing day by day. Not like all other fighting battleground games, PUBG created a sensation for all the gaming societies with its unique ideas of battleground designing and the varieties of weapons introduced in the game which visualizes the real image of the art of war in real world.
Referring more towards the details of the game we would talk about the graphics which are so good that all other games were set behind the ranks. 100 players are set in the server playing at the same time in teams of 4 people per team, which makes 25 teams at one time playing amongst themselves.
Graphic settings are set in an optional mode where we can play in high quality (HD).People who do not have good specs can play in a low mode also.
There is a pc version but the mobile version blasted the ratings and people also started using emulators to play the game. We can login to the game through Facebook as well as google account. Getting logged in through Facebook is better as game automatically adds your Facebook friends to the game.
It is been in gossips that actually the game is been designed after being inspired from a movie.
THE BATTLE GROUND is the movie which inspired the creators of the game with its unique ideas and the creators with their own professional skills added their talent into the game making it the top fighting game in the world.
Mobile version was welcomed heavily because there existed no game such like which would be played through mobiles. Its followers increased as not all the people in this world have access to pc’s or laptop etc. to play such games but mobile has now became one of the basic necessities of the humans in this developing era and introducing mobile version was the greatest marketing skill to make it successful.
Now you just need a mobile and an internet access to be a part of the game and yet another news for the live streamers who uses emulators to play the game that different apps have been introduced where you can post your game videos and earn.
For the new players you can watch the game tactics of the trending streamers like Shroud, Carryminati, Hydra Dynamo, Mortal and GOD on you tube to extend your level from a beginner to a pro.
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